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It’s all about those famous 3 words.

Are you looking for a property in a stunning location with easy access to some of Italy’s most famous towns and cities?

Are you endlessly roaming the streets on Google earth, loosing yourself  amongst the of properties available in the area?
Are the local surroundings, ease of  access to mountains and sea and local amenities an important factor in your decision relating to a property purchase?

Vignaverde understand the need to have great properties in beautiful locations. We are careful to select properties which have easy access to local facilities and close to places of interest.

Start your Marche property search here today.

Your confidence is up and you are ready to come out and start viewing BUT you have heard about the bureaucracy, the
un-registered estate agents and other nightmare stories.

Vignaverde Srl is a registered and licensed estate agency here in Italy (Agenzia Immobilliare) with our own geometra responsible for collecting and preparing the documents ready for sale, when we have an offer agreed on a property it is our basic work to make sure that everything is in order for the whole process to run smoothly.
ONLY if you use regulated and registered people can you be assured that the work needed to be done will be done correctly and within the law of Italy, in this page we explain to you how the documents work and what to expect if you decide to go for your dream property in le Marche…….more

Registered licensed estate agents / Agenzia immobilliare.
Full FREE document check / searches
Preparation of legal documents for sale deed
Open tax code & bank account
Full restoration service

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Our bespoke restoration service.

As well as our wonderful selection of Marche properties for sale we also offer 2 very important extra services to help create your perfect home.
Firstly we offer connection services for all the utilities needed to run your property in le Marche, whether it’s a utility bill name change or a new contract, we are here to help the process run smoothly.
Our second service is what makes us truly unique. As well as taking you through the full legal process of buying a property in Italy we have in house professionals such as architects and geometra’s to completely restore your chosen Marche property. Whether you need a change of bathroom or a complete new build we are here to follow through the whole restoration with project managers to take care of everything even if you are not in the country. Please email us for more information at

Le Marche Property

Le Marche is one of Italy's last unspoiled regions. Le Marche features ski resorts, mountains, long stretches of sandy beaches and yet all within a few hours of the capital city of Rome. The region is host to stunning national parks and some of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Little wonder then that property in Marche, Italy could be so tempting. Our property runs the gamut from modern apartments to stone farmhouses to historical villas. When you are looking for homes for sale in le Marche, we are here to help. We are experts in all types of Marche properties for sale. Our international team knows le Marche property like no one else and we want to share our experience and knowledge with you. With so much geographical and architectural variety, buying a piece of property can be a daunting challenge. We offer the widest variety of property for sale in Marche Italy but we also help to narrow the vast selection based on your needs, interests and tastes. You need not waste a moment looking at unsuitable places that don't meet your requirements. We listen carefully to our customer's requests and respect their wishes. Unlike other companies who try to force you into what they want to sell, we help you find the house of your dreams, not ours. With our broad assortment of properties Marche has the perfect place for you and we'll work with you, for as long as it takes, to find it.

Property for sale Marche Italy

In terms of types of property, we have something for everyone. Whether you have a large, young family or are looking for a place to retire, we know there are properties in Marche that suit you. If you want to open a B&B with lake or mountain views, there is Marche property for you to explore. If your family loves to ski and wants a winter holiday chalet close to the ski areas, we have that too. If you want a modern apartment in the centre of a town where you can enjoy local cuisine and wines, we’ll show you the perfect flat. If your dream is to operate a farm with your partner, while restoring a traditional stone farmhouse, we can help see your dream to fruition. Maybe you have decided that in these uncertain economic times for the stock market that an investment property is the best place for your money. We can help you find a beautiful building that can easily be split into apartments or one that is close to the beach so that you maximise your returns. When it comes to properties Marche has it all. We have centuries old properties with all of the charm and original details that you would expect from a piece of history. We also have the very Marche property that give you modern conveniences without the need for renovations but still in the heart of this ancient, celebrated region.

Property in Marche Italy

The reason we are in business is that we understand the overwhelming task that is trying to find a home in a new country. Actually, it is many, many overwhelming tasks. The language barrier alone can dissuade too many people from exploring Marche property sales. Most property agencies cater first and foremost to the locals and you might be lucky to find someone who speaks your language. All members of our small and personal team are multilingual and you won't find language a barrier to communicating your needs when you work with us to find properties for sale in Marche. Even when you have decided that, no matter the properties Marche is for you, you can't be expected to understand the legal aspects of purchasing a home. We help you avoid legal pitfalls or misunderstandings and work on your behalf to make your property purchase as smooth as possible. How about the property that requires renovations? Typically you are left to your own devices. Not with us however. We have a qualified and registered Geometra on-staff, who serves as the main point of contact for all of the jobs that need doing. They handle the problems that inevitably arise, maintain the quality of your vision and keep you informed of every development. We don't just sell you Marche property and leave you. We offer this service as part of our commitment to you and not just to Marche houses for sale. We value our personal contact with you.

Activities and Properties

For many people who want to buy property abroad, a second home or holiday home is what they have in mind. There's no point in a holiday home if you have nothing to do or the location doesn't suit you. We feel that it doesn't benefit you to pick randomly from a list of Marche apartments for sale or to Google 'houses for sale Marche'. 'Property for sale Marche Italy' might be a search term but does it really get to the heart of your needs and wants? This is why, on our website you'll see that we have an easily understood guide underneath each Marche property listing that lets you know how close each property is to the beach, the ski resorts or the village. If you want to be in the centre of town, you won't even waste a moment clicking on a villa that is twenty minutes outside of it. How to see our properties

We happily offer free tours of the properties listed on our website. Call us or email us and let us know which properties you'd like to view. If you have questions, we are here to answer them so that you can narrow down the properties sale Marche has to offer. We understand that you are travelling to come see our property for sale Marche Italy and want you to enjoy your Italian holiday. Our website advises you on airports in the vicinity and recommended places to stay that, in our experience, treat our customers like we would treat them ourselves. They even offer special rates to our customers. It doesn't matter if its houses or apartments for sale Marche is a pleasurable place to hunt for homes. We take all the work out of it so that you can relax and enjoy all that the region has to enjoy. Our own location makes use of the best that the locale has to offer. We are a mere twenty minutes from a beautiful sandy beach so you can relax after a day touring properties with us. Even in winter, we're only forty minutes from the ski resorts. We know the towns and villages that our properties surround like the back of our hands. We can tell you about the best aspects of each and help you find your new home-town. Our Marche property website will give you a quick over-view of the features and photos from each.

Buying Property in Marche

Every member of our family run team has an appreciation for the Marche region that we want to share. We can offer an insight into the life in the area that tourists never see and that will allow you to experience what your life will be like when you own a piece of Marche property. We live and work in this beautiful part of Italy, so who better to show you what the area has to offer? We are experts in property law as it applies to our locality and to Italy. We provide a service that the real risk that a blind property purchase exposes you to. You may have heard that the cost of living is lower in the Marche region than say, the UK, and you'd be right. The more time you spend living in our region, the more you save. We love this area, and all of its natural amenities, so we aim to fill its homes with people who will admire and take pleasure in it too. After all, you will soon become our neighbour! We urge you to take at least a few minutes to check out all the types of properties Marche has to offer. We will surprise you with the variety of homes, architectural styles and historical buildings we can show you. When you are sitting on your terrace enjoying a fine glass of wine from the very region you call home, we know you'll be happy you contacted us for property in Marche Italy.

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