Vignaverde is a registered estate agent which means we can
legally trade as an estate agent or mediator, it is important for us to be transparent about our business and the way we work because there are many un licensed reps/agents/companies around the area and many foreign based property finders who do not disclose to you how they work because unless they use a registered agent to help them their practice is illegal here in Italy.
We advise you to deal direct with an Italian registered estate agent so you do not
pay more than one commission and you have a regulated person named on your contract responsible for their actions.
We and many other registered agents are making sure our clients are aware of this illegal and well covered activity that unfortunately plagues all parts of Italy and hope that if you are viewing properties or considering buying a property in Abruzzo or any other area of Italy you will ask the person/company you are dealing with to offer their
registration details to you this will include a Partita Iva number and a R.E.A number which is registered at the local chamber of commerce (our details are given on our home page and at the bottom of each page). Without both of these numbers we would advise you to think twice before you proceed with any document signing, likewise if the numbers do not apply to the person/company ask to deal direct with the company the numbers do relate to.
If you are un sure what to do please feel free to contact us at

Remember if a third person/company negotiates a property sale here in Italy they MUST be licensed to do so, do not risk your investment.

Vignaverde Srl head office is situated on the outskirts of the medieval tourist town of Casoli in the stunning Chieti region of Abruzzo. Our Marche operation is managed by our team member Federica who speaks both English and Italian. She is based in the Urbino area of Le Marche and looks forward to meeting you and showing the fantastic range of properties we have for sale there.
Our business is unique to the area because of the services we offer our clients. As well as been registered & Licensed estate agents (Agenzia immobiliare) here in Italy, we also offer a full restoration service using our qualified Geometra, Architect and team of fabulous builders throughout the area’s we work in.

Our 5 directors, Dave, Silvana, Claudio, Pino and Angela, are made up of Italians and English people ensuring you always fully understand everything involved when buying or restoring a property here in Italy. Together we make a strong team and have created a unique company well known in the area. We are lucky to work in these fantastic regions and offer you the chance to be a part of them too.

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REGISTERED OFFICE: Vignaverde SRL, Via Selva Piana, Casoli 66043, Chieti, Abruzzo. Tel (+39) 0872 900200. Fax (+39) 0872 900199. Email

REGISTRATION DETAILS: Agenzia di mediazione/immobiliare, iscrizione camera di commercio di Chieti, No. 169316. P.IVA 02317900690

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